Accumulation & Distribution Planning

coins and a compass representing wealth accumulation

During the wealth accumulation phase, many families struggle to prioritize financial goals. Allocating dollars to a child’s college fund, 401(k) plan, emergency savings fund, and buying life insurance can seem overwhelming.

Cash-value life insurance can often times provide a singular solution satisfying multiple goals with the same dollar earned. Along with death benefit protection for your family, the potential cash value can be borrowed tax-free, or partially withdrawn as needed without the contribution limits or age restrictions of a 401(k) and IRA.

During the distribution phase, cash value life insurance can provide income with unique tax benefits not available with Traditional IRAs and 401(k)s.

Like cash value life insurance, Annuities can also offer tax-deferred growth as you accumulate your retirement savings and a steady stream of income after you retire.

With a wide variety of options, both cash value life insurance and annuities can be powerful components of your retirement strategy, tailored specifically to your retirement and wealth-transfer goals.

Contact an advisor today to learn more about wealth accumulation and distribution planning for you and your family.

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