Family Protection

three generations of a family

Financial protection for your family is paramount in securing a strong and stable future for you and the ones that matter most.

Life Insurance

There are a variety of Life Insurance products to choose from.  Whole Life, Universal Life, Term Life, and Second to Die Life insurance all have their proper place.  The key is deciding what amount and combination of products are right for you.  Our professionals have expertise in guiding you through that decision-making process and are committed to managing your insurance portfolio as your needs and objectives change.

The proper life insurance policies:

  • Maintain your standard of living for your family in the event of death
  • Support the achievement of your retirement goals
  • Provide liquidity needed to satisfy financial obligations such as debt and inheritance taxes

Disability Insurance

If you were suddenly unable to work due to a disability, how long would you and your family be able to sustain your current standards of living without drastic changes? In the event that illness or injury removes your ability to work, disability insurance replaces a portion of your income. Even if you receive some level of disability coverage through your employer, consider an individual policy for extended protection that you can take with you to future jobs.

Long-term Care Insurance

Increased longevity combined with ever-rising costs of long-term care continues to pose significant risks to families and their life savings. An investment in long-term care insurance provides financial support if you or your spouse becomes chronically ill or disabled, ensuring the highest standards of care you desire for yourself or your family.  Long-term Care Riders are also available on many Life Insurance policies and Annuities.


Annuities offer tax-deferred growth as you accumulate your retirement savings and a steady stream of income after you retire. Learn more here.

Contact an advisor today to learn more about complete protection for you and your family.

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