Our Process

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Our client development team is supported by strong internal support staff who work together to develop, execute, and service a comprehensive protection plan for you, your family, and your business. Oswald is currently contracted with approximately 20 of the country’s top-rated insurance carriers which gives us a breadth of products to choose from and allows us to pick the best product for your particular situation. Our industry affiliations and reputation also provide us with significant leverage to negotiate with individual carriers on your behalf.  As an insurance broker, we do not work for an insurance carrier, we work for you.

Product Design

Our experienced product design specialists actively monitor and research product changes within our network of 20+ carriers.  We screen well over 100 products per year and recommend the best of class. These in house technicians are also skilled in customizing these products in order to maximize the financial benefits to our clients.

Insurance carriers, producer groups, and our vast professional network utilize our technical advisors as resources to develop new products, designs, and planning techniques. We attend and speak at several national conferences and study groups annually.


Oswald’s new business staff assists you through the underwriting process including completing your application, gathering financial documents, and scheduling your insurance physical. We also staff in house underwriting advocates who are experienced in difficult placements of insurance.  Whether it be an avocation or a medical impairment, our underwriters know how to pair your risk with the right carrier and will negotiate on your behalf.

Oswald has particular experience in large case underwriting, which is often defined as applications of $10 million of death benefit or more. In cases like these financial underwriting can be just as complicated as medical underwriting and many factors must be considered in order to bring a case to a successful conclusion.  Often times multiple carriers are utilized in order to avoid carrier and reinsurance limits, layering carriers becomes especially important when the desired death benefit exceeds $50 million.


Once your policy is issued you can expect our client development team to continue their involvement supported by our experienced internal service staff. Our service staff is on call to process claims, policy changes, and to provide portfolio summaries as needed. In addition, our product design specialists and new business staff often review portfolios to ensure that your policy is competitive in today’s market. If there is a possibility to reduce costs or increase benefits we will contact you and make an appropriate recommendation.

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